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Dr. Hong Davis provides evidence-based, safe, and effective anti-aging, functional, and regenerative medicine solutions to help our patients towards building resiliency, and vitality. And to optimize health & wellness.

Over 38 Years of Experience

Dr. Hong Davis the founder of the Texas Anti-Aging Medicine Institute and has over 36 years of experience in Anti-aging medicine, Cosmetic medicine, family medicine, and OBGYN. She possesses a deep passion for helping every patient look better, feel stronger, and achieve optimal health.

What Weight-Loss Methods Does Dr. Davis Use?

With more than three decades of clinical experience, and with her continuing research for more efficient and scientifically approved weight loss and anti-inflammatory programs, Dr. Davis uses a wide range of tools and treatment approaches to help patients reach and stay at their goal weights. LipoB Slim & Energy injection Oral GI and heavy metal detoxification FDA-approved prescription medications FDA-approved semaglutide injection Acupuncture & Moxibustion Intermittent fasting Ketogenic diet Paleo diet Gerson therapy AWT for Cellulite and Lymphatic Drainage Detoxification IV chelation therapy for heavy metal toxin detoxification IV Glutathione cellular & liver detox IV nutrition 100% absorption at the cellular level IV modified Meyers’ cocktail to strengthen the immune system IV NAD+ restores and optimize mitochondria function for ATP/energy production & cell and brain function Bioidentical hormone therapy for women Testosterone and HGH for men Bioidentical hormone therapy-EvexiPEL pellet for men & women Also,

Dr. Hong Davis, MD holds the following certifications:

Texas anti-aging medicine institute is a medical doctor-owned and operated medical center in Plano, TX.

Our Specialties

We are dedicated to helping individuals look better, feel stronger, and achieve optimal health.

Addiction Medicine - Suboxone

Addiction Medicine - IV NAD+ Therapy

Antiaging Medicine

Asian Eyebrow, Eyelids, Eyebags

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Botulinum Toxin Type A

Dermal Fillers

Eyebrow Lift, Eyebags Removal

Erectile Dysfunction

Gynecology Rejuvenation

Functional Medicine

Weight Loss Programs

Weight Loss Rx Meds

IV/IM Glutathione

IV/IM NAD+ Therapy

IV/IM Nutrition

LipoB Slim Energy Shot



Micro-needling PRP

Myers' Cocktail

O ® Shots (Orgasm Shots)

P ® Shots (Priapus Shots)

PRP Injections

Regenerative Medicine

Removal of Moles, Milia, Skin Tags, Warts, Lipoma

Testosterone Therapy

Thread Facelift

Heavy Metal Detoxification

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Antiaging Medicine
IV/IM Therapy
IV/IM NAD+ Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

IV &Oral Chelation Therapy for Heavy Metal Detoxification
Medical Weight Loss Programs